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American Brittany Spaniel

American Brittany Spaniel is a native of spaniel / hound bird species from United States.It is also simply referred to as the Brittany If you do not want the French species and distinction.


In 1930, Brittany dog ​​was first brought to the United States. Then quickly become one of the most popular breeds of dogs, immediately this erected plan to improve the dog species adapted to the United States in the next 1931, production has started. As early as producing the middle of 1934 is recognized by the American Kennel Club as a species certified dog, it was unveiled in the United States of formal occasions for the first time this year. Was completed as species dog By 1942, breed club was formed in the same year.

This species of the work is the same as the French species, is a bird hound that do a versatile work. Primarily to hunt prey turkeys, guinea fowl, etc. duck, discovered them by making full use of olfactory, the find when setting or pointing (it is to learn one or the other by the dog) of prey to my husband to go where to find was known. My husband and caught the bird by performing a cast net if the dog makes a setting, it issues an instruction in Flushing dog in addition if you do the pointing (eviction), out towards the hunting rifle When birds flew in the direction pointed by the dog, kill. Shot down the prey, of course, this species is I do a recovery to Retorivu.

In addition, this also is the same thing with the French species, in this way to play a variety of roles, because it is not only the flushing, there is also a Canine organizations that are removing a portion of the "Spaniel" from the breed name. In American Kennel Club, but such renamed have been performed in 1982, currently in many countries, registered in the breed name of conventionally have been made. Is a medium-sized dog size while pulling the spaniel dog species of blood (spaniel type dog species most is a small dog size), so it is the point of this dog species name a and spaniel dog species and Poitta / setter dog species of intermediate it became a cause of get into trouble in or not taken or take the part of "spaniel".

Almost all of the individuals currently being bred only in the United States. To the French species This species FCI and have been considered to be subtly Standard (breed standard) is different subspecies, varieties, has not been homologated.


The difference between the French species mainly size and how attached the muscles of the head, is such as body height / weight and hair color. This species is a little larger head than France species, I have a more muscular body type. However, still legs long, is the common point of the neck is also firmly. Muzzle thicker and longer than the French type. Ear lop-eared, but the tail's hanging tail of saber-shaped with decorative hair, there may be considerably shorter docked. Coat with a soft short coat, chest, buttocks, is to such as tail there is a fridge (decoration hair). Hair color to the ground one of the entered loan (cascading) of the same color as white or mottled, red, orange, lever, one that contains any of the color of the spots from one of Brown. French species Unlike loan are allowed to enter the entire background, also to have a transparent feeling as if they were transparent the color of the background. That clear loans that of this color. In medium-sized dog size, personality deeply is cheerful and information, friendly. Here also be able to get along with children and other dogs, is a character of good-natured a pacifist, it is tolerant to small children and puppies. Superior to swallow and situation judgment of discipline, for momentum also is common, it is a dog species well suited also to keep as pets. Susceptible to disease hip dysplasia, joint disease, cleft palate, there is such as hemophilia.